There is the perfect swimsuit for each and every body shape. Hard to believe? No you do not have to have an extra small frame to look gorgeous in a bathing suit. It is about finding the right style, color and fit to accentuate the best parts of you.

You would not just buy a pair of jeans without trying them on and knowing which brands fit you best would you? Absolutely not! So why would you buy a swimsuit any differently?

Take your time and try a variety of styles and sizes, including things that might never appeal to you at first glance. Swimwear cuts and prints can really surprise you. You might find yourself thinking that one does not look like you, but ends up being the most flattering. 

Wherever you might be headed to: a jacuzzi in Aspen, Christmas in Australia, a yacht in St. Tropez, or your backyard, finding the perfect swimsuit should be easy!


Finding the perfect swimsuit is VERY stressful for most women. It becomes a goal that they strive months in the gym to achieve or say for years they need to loose weight and never do. Our advice is to not to over think it! We will detail cuts and styles that will be most flattering to your body, but above all, you have to feel comfortable and feel yourself in your bathing suits. [please notice the plural form of suits…as we feel a girl should always have several options].


Your fabric should feel both soft to the touch and on your body. It should support you and not leave you with marks. If the fabric feels thick to the touch, you will be working against the swimsuit rather than the swimsuit working with your natural curves. Many brands use poor quality lycra that dawns a low cost price tag but feels rough and looks cheap. 


When finding the perfect swimsuit, identify your body type and choose a silhouette that best suits it. 

Smaller Bust If you have a smaller chest, horizontal stripes, bandeaus and triangle bikini tops will enhance your bust. But do not overdue it with the cut and fabric, as it can overwhelm a small frame. Insider tip: Lighter colors make your smaller body parts appear larger!

Small Booty If you have a small lower half, string bottoms are your friend! They do not cut you off and help make your body look like one long line. Stay away from boy shorts as they will cover too much.

Larger Bust However, if you have a larger chest, a supportive style will give you what you need such as a halter top or a one piece with a V-neckline. And of course, pair a darker color bikini bottom with a lighter color bikini top. Dark colors minimize!

Big Booty If you are curvaceous, try high-waisted bottoms to give the appearance of smaller hips, or a hipster cheeky cut to truly flatter the curvier behind. Be sure to look for seamless suits [ie ones that don’t show the elastic] as they will fall better on your skin and not dig into you making you appear larger. But if you really need to distract from your hips, try on again that one-piece with the plunging V-neck.


You will not look comfy if you are constantly tugging at your suit or readjusting. The absolute worst thing is when you have a gorgeous suit that is hot on the hanger but has little functionality in the flesh. And the most important thing is to be comfortable…whether that means more coverage or less. Feeling comfy will ensure you feel confident while strutting down the sand. 


First off, finding the perfect swimsuit is not as bad as you think! But to keep feeling comfortable for those hours of chasing a little one around the beach, high-waisted bottoms are a great way to show some skin, while also keeping your stomach nicely covered.


To make your upper half look slimmer, bandeaus are your best friend. They can narrow the appearance of your broad shoulders and draw attention to other areas of your body. When finding the perfect swimsuit, avoid halter tops as they draw attention to the shoulders and add width, which is the opposite of what you want.


Cover-ups are not just fun, they make life easy. When you are salty and sticky after a long day at the beach and want to run back to the hotel or across the street to buy a fresh coconut, it is much simpler to throw on a light fabric cover-up then to slide those jean shorts back on. They also travel with ease and instantly flatter any silhouette. Tip: Wear it as a dress with heels for a poolside party or a night out on a tropical getaway. 


Classic black is a staple in every swimwear drawer, but choosing the right color suit can make all the difference when finding your perfect bathing suit! Try a variety of colors and see what looks best with your skin tone. Do not be afraid to buy that turquoise suit, because you only want to buy one new suit this season and think it should be a basic one. Have fun with it. It is summer after all!


A good suit can stand alone. No need for accessories. Our suits often feature hardware that accent the pieces adding a bit of shine that texturizes your look. The last thing you need on the beach is to wrestle with earrings or necklaces that become glued to your skin.


Make sure your swimwear lining is not white [unless you have a white suit]. As you move about your day, swimwear tends to flip or creep up. If the lining is the same or a similar color to your suit, this “oops” moment will go unnoticed; but, if not, you will spend the whole day not realizing how ridiculous you look. The backside view counts as much as the front, especially in swimwear!

Finding the perfect swimsuit is not a chore when you have the right tools. So go grab a good friend, blend it with a nice afternoon out and perhaps a glass of champagne… and you will find that finding your summer wardrobe soon becomes a pleasure.

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