About Bromelia Swimwear.

These are not your ordinary bathing suits. 

Designed and Hand-made in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bromelia Swimwear has been designed to highlight and celebrate the women’s figure, flattering every angle, slimming all the right corners and accentuating the best parts of who you are. 

Our soul goes into making each piece. Using only local designers, every pattern was inspired by Brazil. Every suit was carefully thought out before production, to ensure that each piece bears in mind your beautiful curves while still being comfortable. We want you to put your suit on and not have to worry about anything else but the sunshine. Using only the sofest materials, unique patterns and seamless stitching, our suits are made to accessorize your natural beauty.

Our Swimwear is made for the bohemian traveler in high heels, the globe trotting business executive, the yoga retreater, the barefoot surfer girl, the fit mama who loves to feel good and the one that everyone notices on the beach. 

The Brazilian lifestyle is about being confident in your own skin and present in every moment. Add in a touch of the strong willed woman and the casual charm of California culture and you will have yourself the Bromelia Rio Girl. 

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